The Battle of the Denmark Strait

An Analysis of the Battle and the Loss of HMS Hood

Daniel Knowles

On 24 May 1941, within minutes of battle being joined the pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood, had been sunk and its newest battleship outfought. However, the Bismarck had also been seriously wounded. This book analyzes the battle and sheds light on it through a reanalysis of photographic images and documentary evidence to detail the events.
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October 2020
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Fonthill Media
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Dawn, 24 May 1941. Two groups of ships, one British, one German meet in the Denmark Strait. Here, two giants of maritime history, HMS Hood and the Bismarck, meet. Within minutes of the battle beginning HMS Hood blows up with a catastrophic loss of life. Out of a crew of 1,418 only three survive. Coupled with this, the Royal Navy’s newest battleship is outfought. While this is a cause of celebration for the Germans, Bismarck has been wounded curtailing her Atlantic raiding sortie. Despite the wealth of documentary information and photographic evidence available on the battle, there continues to be controversy as to how the conflict was actually fought. This book analyses the events of 24 May 1941 to both shed new light and provide clarifications on how the battle was fought, the damage that different ships sustained, and how it was that the pride of the Royal Navy was destroyed in such a catastrophic manner.

About The Author

DANIEL KNOWLES was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and has been interested in history since the age of eight. The main focus of his historical interest is the Second World War. In 2016 he graduated with an honours degree in History and Politics from the University of Northumbria. His dissertation was written on the changing perceptions to the wartime role played by RAF Bomber Command.


Introduction; 1 Operation Rheinübung; 2 Interception; 3 ‘She’s blowing up!’; 4 Prince of Wales Fights On; 5 Admiral Holland’s Actions; 6 Battle Photographs; 7 Theories on the Sinking; 8 Accidental Sinking?; 9 Likely Cause of the Hood’s Loss; 10 Loss of Life on the Hood; 11 Time; 12 Battle Conditions; 13 Timing of the Fatal Hit; 14 HMS Prince of Wales; 15 Damage to the Bismarck and Prince of Wales; Conclusions; Appendices; Endnotes; Bibliography; Index.

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