The United States Air Force in Britain

Darren Willmin

The United States Air Force have two Active bases, RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, UK. RAF Mildenhall house the 100th ARW with the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, the 352rd SOW operate the C130J series and CV-22 Osprey. RAF Lakenheath hosts the 48th Fighter Wing operating the McDonnell Douglas (Now Boeing) F-15 Eagle and until most recent
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July 2019
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Fonthill Media
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The United Kingdom and the United States governments made a series of signed agreements in the early part of 1941 which allowed for the American Navy, Army and Air force to design and build campaigns against Nazi Germany. Today the United Kingdom and the United States Air Force still have a selection of operational bases but only three used for flying operations.

RAF Mildenhall, The host unit at Mildenhall is the 100th Air Refuelling Wing operating the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, which deploys aircraft for and manages the European Tanker Task Force, Also housing the 352 SOW is the Air Force component for Special Operations Command Europe who operate the C130J series and the CV-22 Osprey and the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron which conducts RC-135 Rivet Joint flight operations in Europe and Mediterranean theatres.

RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk being the other Airbase host the 48th Fighter Wing (48 FW), also known as the Liberty Wing, assigned to United States Air Forces in Europe—Air Forces Africa. The 48th Fighter Wing aircraft is the McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15 Eagle and here they house 3 Squadrons plus as part of the wing the 56th Rescue Squadron (56 RQS) who are a combat-ready search and rescue squadron of HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters.

RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire is currently a standby airfield and therefore not in everyday use. Its most prominent use in recent years has been as an airfield for United States Air Force B-52s during the 2003 Iraq War, Operation Allied Force in 1999, and the first Gulf War in 1991. It is the US Air Force's only European airfield for heavy bombers.

In this book Darren Willmin looks back on the history of USAFE in Britain and how it’s developed to the present day. Darren Willmin's superb photographs capture the operational aircraft both from the ground and in the air from inside and outside of the bases.


"..this book addresses an interesting topic, and it is evident there was a great deal of research."

- Air Power History

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