U-Boats off Bermuda

Patrol Summaries and Merchant Ship Survivors Landed in Bermuda 1940-1944

Eric Wiberg

Bermuda was besieged by German and Italian U-boats in the Second World War, representing an ignominious period of defence and defeat for the Allies. It was a small but fascinating body of water, and a bellwether for the overall war at the time. This book will add colourful new content to the history of the Second World War.
Date Published :
August 2017
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
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black and white photographs
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781556061
Pages : 256
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For the first time, a book exposes an obscure theater of the Second World War in great detail and comprehensively, not just in terms of geography but also from the perspectives of both Allied and Axis participants. U-Boats off Bermuda provides details of specific U-Boat patrols and their commanders, as well as a general overview of the situation in the theater of war around Bermuda. It is a detailed analysis of individual casualties, broken down by a) background of ship, b) background of U-boat, c) attack method (surface and/or submersed), d) details of survivors and their plight at sea and e) their rescue, recuperation and repatriation. Detailed maps and illustrations provide a human face to what were often tragic attacks with fatal consequences. Did you know that half a dozen German submarines came close enough to the Naval Operating Base in Bermuda to see Gibbs Hill? Or that hardy Canadians from a sunken trading schooner rowed and sailed their way to the remote island—on their own? Allied pilots based in Bermuda sank two German U-Boats, rescued dozens in daring water landings, and several crashed.

About The Author

Eric Wiberg has delivered over thirty yachts to or from Bermuda since the 1980s. A maritime lawyer educated in Rhode Island, Boston, Oxford and Lisbon, this is his sixth book of nautical non-fiction and second of a trilogy. Originally from the Bahamas, he has worked and lived in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and has now settled outside New York, where he works in the shipping industry. He came to know Bermuda’s maritime history during a 15-year, 100-vessel yacht-delivery and racing career, and has numerous helpful sources there.


“The German U-Boast campaign against American shipping in the waters of Bermuda is an obscure theater of the Second World War which is now told in great detail and comprehensively… A simply fascinating and impressively informative read from cover to cover, "U-Boats off Bermuda: Patrol Summaries and Merchant Ship Survivors Landed in Bermuda 1940-1944" is an extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to both community and academic library World War II Military History collections.”

- Midwest Book Review, December 2017

“Wiberg successfully tells the engaging story of the oft-overlooked merchant crews who were a crucial part of the Battle of the Atlantic. His writing informs and, as he attempted to do, inspires empathy in the reader for the officers, sailors, and passengers aboard the U-Boat victims as well as with the U-Boat crews themselves. As the first comprehensive book on the subject, Wiberg has opened a new chapter in scholarship while allowing others to follow and flesh out other stories of Bermuda’s small but important role during World War II.”

- Naval Historical Foundation

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