Arab MiGs. Volume 1

Mikoyan i Gurevich MiG-15 and MiG-17 in Service with Air Forces of Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Syria

Tom Cooper, David Nicolle

Date Published :
November 2009
Publisher :
Harpia Publishing
Illustration :
with 161 b/w, 10 color pictures, 7 maps, and 32 artwork drawings
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ISBN : 9780982553923
Pages : 256
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Starting in 1955, and for the following 20 years, MiG-15 and MiG-17 formed the backbone of several Arab air forces. They played a prominent role in four major wars and dozens of minor incidents.

Covering the first decade of this period, this study - Arab MiGs, Volume 1, the first in a series of publications - provides a unique and previously unavailable insight into the service history of both types with five Arab air forces. Even more so, it tells the story of people that flew MiG-15s and MiG-17s in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq and Syria. Several of whom became dominant political figures in most recent history of these countries.

The reason why Arab countries began purchasing MiGs and thus became embroiled in the Cold War is approached and discussed from an entirely new and original - Arab - point of view.

Details about combat operations during three major wars between Arabs and Israel, as well as the war in Yemen of the 1960s, are reconstructed on basis of primary evidence, foremost in form of original documents and participants' recollections.

Aircraft colors, unit insignia, serial- and construction numbers are described in an unprecedented detail.

Over 200 photos, color artworks, maps and tables illustrate the story of aircraft and their crews, but also many air combats that became highly influential for the future of aerial warfare and fates of several nations.

About The Author

Tom Cooper is an Austrian aerial warfare analyst and historian. Following a career in worldwide transportation business – during which he established a network of contacts in the Middle East and Africa – he moved into narrow-focus analysis and writing on small, little-known air forces and conflicts (about which he has collected extensive archives). That resulted in specialisation in such Middle Eastern air forces as those of Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Syria - plus various African and Asian air forces. As well as writing and co-writing 25 other books and more than 400 articles, he has co-written an in-depth analysis of major Arab air forces at war with Israel during the period 1955-73 - resulting in the six-volume book series Arab MiGs.

Dr David Nicolle is an acknowledged expert on medieval military history, specializing in the Middle East.


"...examines the MiG 15 and MiG 17 series of fighters that formed the backbone of several Arab Air forces and played a prominent role in four major wars and numerous minor incidents. Illustrated with over 200 photographs and color profiles, the book goes into the reasons why the Arab nations obtained Soviet fighters along with operational histories of these aircraft with the five Arab nations that flew the type. Details about combat operations during three major wars between Arabs and Israel, as well as the war in Yemen during the 1960's, are reconstructed on the basis of primary evidence including original documents and recollections of participants."

- AIR CLASSICS NOVEMBER 2015/ V51 NO 11, October 2015

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