EMB-312 Tucano

Brazil’s turboprop success story

João Paulo Zeitoun Moralez

The story of Embraer's EMB-312 turboprop trainer, the first aircraft in its class and a market leader that was sold to 16 countries and produced under licence in the United Kingdom. Comprehensive details are provided of local and foreign service, combat operations, as well as a full inventory of EMB-312 units and insignia.
Date Published :
February 2018
Publisher :
Harpia Publishing
Illustration :
full color throughout
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9780997309232
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 11 X 8.3 inches
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Harpia Publishing is proud to announce the launch of a new title for 2017, EMB-312 Tucano: Brazil’s turboprop success story, set to become the definitive English-language reference work on this revolutionary Latin American aerospace product. Written by an expert in the field, this book recounts the story of Embraer’s EMB-312 turboprop trainer, the first aircraft in its class to offer a cockpit and controls equivalent to its fighter contemporaries, as well enough power to match the high-speed maneuvers of comparable jet trainers.

Drawing upon a cadre of authors who are experts in their field, Carrier Aviation in the 21st Century continues Harpia’s reputation for providing unprecedented detail and extensive technical specifications, as well as detailing the structure of all the air arms and the individual units that currently embark on board carriers. Illustrations include specially commissioned artworks and diagrams to help illustrate how carrier air power remains an essential element of modern warfare.

About The Author

João Paulo Zeitoun Moralez is a journalist with post-graduation in public relations, specialized in aviation. He is co-author of the book Os Projetos Aeronáuticos de Alberto-Santos-Dumont (Aeronautical Projects of Alberto Santos-Dumont) and author of the book Aviação do Exército, 25 anos (25 years of the Brazilian Army Aviation).


“Without any doubt, the story of this successful Brazilian airplane needed to be told in great detail, since only fragmentary information had been available along the years. Fortunately, the journalist João Paulo Zeitoun Moralez accepted the challenge and has authored what can be considered the definitive account about the Tucano… In the tradition of Harpia Publishing, the book has been produced with excellent quality and is very elegant.”

- The Latin American Aviation Historical Society

"The bottom line is that for anyone interested in this remarkable aircraft produced by a latecomer to the aeronautical engineering world stage, these two books are the only reference sources you need on your bookshelf."

- Air Power History

"Illuminating, informative commentary by prominent program participants add pungent perspective to details of aircraft origins and operations. And exciting, intriguing action accounts further flavor Moralez's saga... Buy this brilliant book. Then line-up behind me for Harpia's Super Tucano sequel. Rabidly recommended!"

- Cybermodeler

"This book describes the success story of the EMB Tucano and is a joy to read as well as a marvelous photo book showing the Tucano in all its executions and paintings that were used by the different air forces it served. - 5 stars"

- Aviationbookreviews.com

“Modellers will find this publication valuable in the extreme for any Tucano build project, and personal accounts breathe extra life into what is an already fascinating, but previously ignored subject. Highly recommended.”

- Airfix Model World

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