Aeronautiques Navales du monde

Depuis 1945

Gérard Paloque

Tous les pays disposant d'un espace maritime, quelle que soit la dimension de ce dernier, possèdent une aéronautique navale. Celle-ci comprend généralement des appareils embarqués sur porte-avions, des avions de patrouille maritime basés à terre, voire des hydravions.
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October 2021
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All countries bordering the sea have some form of naval aviation, no matter what size they are, to protect their maritime border. This can include shore-based patrol aircraft, seaplanes and even aircraft-carriers.

After World War II many countries sought to enhance their naval airpower whether to protect themselves or to project power abroad. In the first instance the USA and Great Britain supplied and maintained the largest carrier fleets and carrier-borne aircraft until other countries, such as France began to build their own capabilities.

This 200 page book contains several hundred profiles and photographs, and reviews, both alphabetically and chronologically, the naval aviation capabilities of each country that has one, whether small, (e.g. Argentina or New Zealand,) or massive, (such as the US Navy.) All the aircraft on board an aircraft carrier, whether standard or vertical takeoff, are reviewed, from the fighter to the antisubmarine hunter, including multiengine aerial surveillance aircraft—thus giving this original and rarely covered subject a panorama as exhaustive as it is colorful.

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