Emil Maurice

Garde du corps et ami juif de Hitler

Georges Bernage

Date Published :
May 2021
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840484431
Pages : 400
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Of Jewish origin and a close friend of Adolf Hitler, Emil Maurice was the founder of the SA and Hitler Strosstrupp (originally SS). He also served as editor of Mein Kampf in Landsberg prison. Through the very singular perspective of Emil Maurice, this book will describe the historically crucial, but poorly known period from 1919 to 1933. Includes documents in black and white, as well as colour concerning the Debut of the DAP, the society of Thule, the Soviet of Munich the fighting of the Frankish corps in 1919, the Munich putsch, the prison of Landsberg, the Stosstrupp history, the state Civil society with a list of all its members, the Geli Raubal affair and many other historical details. With photos and documents never seen or very little known, partly from unpublished archives of Emil Maurice. Text in French.

About The Author

The historian Georges Bernage is one of France's premier experts on the 1944 Normandy Invasion. He has published over forty books on the subject since 1978.

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