L'incroyable raid allemand sur Granville

8 Mar 1945

Jean-Charles Stasi

Date Published :
October 2015
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840484165
Pages : 80
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Two months to the day before the surrender of Third Reich, the Germans launched a night raid from Jersey on Granville. One hundred and fifty and a dozen boats participated in this operation having three main objectives: making the port unusable, grabbing one or more vessels for refueling and to destroy all buildings lying in the harbor. The raid, that one historian has called "naval hold-up", made history by the audacity of its design and effectiveness of its participants. The story deserves to be told, seventy years later, in an illustrated book including many period photographs, maps, plans and computer graphics.

About The Author

Jean-Charles Stasi is the author of twenty books including several devoted to World War II.


"As well as the story, the context, maps, archive photos and modern day comparisons, there are also some pages with fine photos of various bits of uniform and equipment used by the raiders, colour references which are very useful for modellers especially."

- Military Modelling

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