Marines à Iwo Jima

Charles Trang

Date Published :
May 2012
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400 photos and documents
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840483205
Pages : 200
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Iwo Jima remains in the collective memory of Americans as the most horrific battle of the war in the Pacific, no doubt due to the fact that the number of losses that the Marines suffered exceeded those of the Japanese, which was normally not the case, and most likely because it required more than a month of bloody battles for this small island to be captured.

This ferocious battle of the elite American Army fighting against Japanese who would fight to the bitter end, was abundantly covered by reporters belonging to the Marine Corps. More images were taken here than in any other theater of operations. The photos captured strike at the heart of the fighting, without any complacency or stage setting. They pay witness to the veritable harshness of this dramatic period of the war. Charles Trang presents a variety of photographs ranging from tanks, amphibious vehicles, weapons, mortars, rocket launchers, and various types of aircraft. Included are more than 400 photographs and original pieces of documentation.

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