Raid de Bruneval et de La Poterie - Cap d'Antifer

Mystéres et Vérité

Alain Millet

Date Published :
April 2012
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fully illustrated throughout
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840483151
Pages : 320
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French Text

• The Bruneval attack, in meticulous detail, hour by hour

Located at an isolated house on the cliffs of Bruneval, near Le Havre, the German radio site was considered to be responsible for the loss of many British bombers. It became very important that the receiver was destroyed as it gave the Germans early warning of any Allied ships and aircraft approaching the coast of Western Europe.

The attack, on the night of February 27th 1942, was a major success, and demonstrated the military importance of a small and highly trained group of men and the impact they could have on a specific target when given a specific task to do.

After twenty years of interviews and research, author Alain Millet details the British airborne units as well as the German radar technicians, the latter providing him with superb and exceptional photos from the battle.

The work is also accompanied by documentation of the German radar systems and their positions along the Normandy coast. Along with an extensive collection of black and white images, Millet provides several color photographs.

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