Sturmartillerie de la Waffen-SS

Volume 2 - Totenkopf, Polizei, Wiking

Pierre Tiquet

Dans ce deuxième volume sur les Sturmgeschütze des Waffen-SS, le lecteur retrouvera l'historique des canons d'assaut de la « Totenkopf », d'abord articulée en simple batterie, et plus tard en une puissante Abteilung de trois batteries.
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October 2021
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ISBN : 9782840485735
Pages : 240
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In this second volume on the Waffen-SS Sturmgeschütze, the reader will find the assault guns of the “Totenkopf” division plunged into the throes of the Demiansk pocket. From the winter of 1941–42, the Sturmartilleristen was almost continuously involved in heavy fighting as far as Austria, in the spring of 1945, including Operation “Zitadelle” in July 1943 and in Poland the following summer. This volume is illustrated with a rich iconography of images and artifacts thanks to the legacy of the Untersturmführer Jänisch and Unterscharführer Mödlinger.

Belonging to a large, less prestigious, though very interesting unit, the assault guns of the “Polizei” division— a peculiarity, of the StuGs are described accompanied many previously unpublished photographs, showing little-known engagements such as in Greece and Hungary in the fall of 1944.

Finally, the StuGs. III of the “Wiking” are illustrated, particularly in the horror of the Cherkassy pocket. Whether organized as a single battery, a formidable group, integrated into the armor, the tank destroyers or the Sturmartillerie proper, the assault guns played an essential role in the fight against Soviet armor. In addition to immersive photos and testimonials, the book also provides detailed biographies of aces and holders of the StuG Ritterkreuz of these divisions, such as Berndt Lubich von Milovan, Ernst Dehmel, Richard Utgenannt, Hans-Georg Jessen and Willy Hein.

About The Author

Pierre Tiquet is an expert on the German armed forces during World War II. Over the last thirty years he has interviewed many veterans of the German army and Waffen-SS, and has curated a large collection of rare photographs. Now retired he concentrates on his collection and his writing. His previous titles include The 3rd SS Panzer Regiment in the Casemate Illustrated series.

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