Les Troupes D'Assaut de L'Armee Allemande 1914-1918

Ricardo Recio Cardona

Après Landser, Ordre Noir et Deutsche
Luftwaffe, voici un nouveau livre de la même
collection sur les troupes de choc de la Première
Guerre mondiale. Les premières unités d'assaut
(Sturmtruppen) avaient pour mission de répandre une nouvelle tactique
qui a transformé de manières décisive les méthodes de combats de
l'armée allemande. Ce livre retrace
Date Published :
May 2016
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840484288
Pages : 216
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After Landser, Black Order and Deutsche Luftwaffe, here is a new book from the same collection on the shock troops of the First World War.

The first assault units (Sturmtruppen) were formed in the spring and summer of 1916, when the Sturmbataillon Rohr was organized and after General Falkenhayn, chief of the Ligue de l'Ontario, gave the orders for the creation of special detachments. These detachments mission was to spread a new tactic that transformed ways of decisive methods of fighting the German army. But long before that, another type of troops had been created within the German infantry during the winter of 1914-1915: shock troops (Stosstruppen), infantry groups were never officially recognized as such and have never belonged to a permanent unit, but remained active until the end of the war and who have contributed to the improvement of the offensive capability of the German infantry.

This book is an account of the history of assault troops and it covers their fighting methods. It offers a full description of their uniforms, their equipment, their weapons, with many illustrations and period photographs rarely seen.

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