Armies and Enemies of Louis XIV

Volume 1 - Western Europe 1688-1714: France, Britain, Holland

Mark Allen

A highly informative book, packed with colour plates, illustrations and stunning photographs that is an essential guide book to the armies of the age of Louis XIV and Marlborough.
Date Published :
February 2019
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Century of the Soldier
Illustration :
44 color plates
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781911628057
Pages : 124
Dimensions : 11.75 X 8.25 inches
Stock Status : Available


This book originally saw the light of day as a long running series of articles in Wargames Illustrated in the late 1980’s. Due to growing interest in the wars of the late 17th century, the author of the original features has complied them along with new research and made them available again for the first time in thirty years.

The book is very much a handbook covering all the major conflicts and battles of the period, it examines how the armies were organized and fought. Each army is covered, with attention paid to specific uniform details, and the colors carried by the individual regiments.

About The Author

An industry professional in publishing and book sales, Mark Allen has worked for WH Smith, PSL, Blandford Press and Cassel, before becoming Sales Director at Photobook Information Services which seemed to involve playing lots of cricket for West Malvern and not a lot else. Since 1991 Mark has spent most of his time painting model soldiers for a living, with a brief return, to a proper job, with Waterstones.


"Very much a recommended read."

- Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

"The list of the respective regiments conveys a complete Orders of Battle and is of great value, a considerable research effort"

- Pallasch

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