Despite Destruction, Misery and Privations…

The Polish Army in Prussia during the War against Sweden 1626-1629

Michał Paradowski

Study of the Polish army that in 1626-1629 fought against Swedes in Prussia; its command, organization, equipment, and tactics.
Date Published :
December 2020
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Helion and Company
Series :
Century of the Soldier
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87 b/w illustrations, 16 b/w maps, 16 pages color plates, numerous tables
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781913336455
Pages : 226
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Before he entered Germany in 1630, Swedish King Gustav II Adolf had to face Polish army in Prussia. Between 1626 and 1629, under command of brilliant Hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski, Poles were engaged in bitter struggle against Swedes. During this conflict both sides learnt a lot from each other, adjusting their armies’ organization and tactics. While pitched battles, where winged hussars could win the day, were rare, so called ‘small war’ made huge impact on the events of this conflict. Poles were able to hone their skills acquired during years of fighting Tatars and Turks but were also forced to vastly increase presence of the infantry in their army, adapting to new style of warfare. This book provides readers with in-depth study of the Polish troops during the war, from unique structure of the army, through organization and equipment of the units, to soldiers’ daily struggle due to lack of pay and food. Each formation is described in detail, from famous winged hussars to Western European mercenaries serving as infantry and dragoons. The author’s research is based on many Polish primary sources, that for the first time are available to English-speaking readers, presenting many interesting facts about less known conflict.

About The Author

Michał Paradowski is independent Polish researcher, living in Scotland. While interested in both 16th and 17th century warfare, his main field of study are Polish-Swedish wars waged between 1621 and 1635. He published historical articles in Polish, English, Russian and French; also, a book (in Polish) ‘Studies and Materials regarding wars against Sweden 1600-1635’ (NapoleonV, 2013). His first contribution for ‘Century of the Soldier’ series was paper ‘Aston, Butler and Murray – British Officers in the Service of Polish Vasa Kings 1621-1634’, published as a part of ‘Britain turned Germany’ (Helion & Company, 2019), In his spare time he works as historical editor for Polish publishing house NapoleonV and historical consultant for ‘By Fire and Sword’ miniature game produced by Wargamer Games Studio Ltd. You can find his historical blog on


"If you already possess an early Thirty Years’ War Swedish army this book offers you an alternative, unfamiliar campaign and opponent to fight, and is also an excellent source of information for anyone considering an early seventeenth century Polish wargame army.."

- Miniature Wargames

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