Ejército del Aire y del Espacio

The Spanish Air Force from 1939 to the Present Day

Pere Redón-Trabal

A complete and updated description (2021) of everything that forms part of the Spanish Ejército del Aire (EA): its history (193-2021), aircraft and helicopters, combat and transport air units, air bases, air defense, means of support, weapons, pilots and other technical personnel, international missions, aeronautical industry, and the future.
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January 2023
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Helion and Company
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34 b/w photos, 29 color ills, 55 color photos, 15 color profiles, 3 maps, 1 diagram, 59 tables
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781915070678
Pages : 82
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This book includes, for the first time and in great detail,the current types of aircraft in service in the Ejército del Aire (EdA), the Spanish Air Force, with a brief history of their incorporation into the various Wings, Squadrons and Groups. Several tables, updated in 2021, contain the name given by the manufacturer and the EdA to each aircraft type, as well as registration numbers, unit indicative, serial numbers of the aircraft of North American origin, the construct or number, the date of entry into service and, if applicable, the date of technical withdrawal or accident. In this way, the reader will be able to identify each aircraft, the unit to which it belongs and the base from which it operates.

The book contains the designation and location of all units supporting the combat forces. In the case of air defense,the locations and types of radar are described in detail. The air-to-air and air-to-ground exercise and training ranges are also included. Mention is made of flight personnel (pilots),ground personnel (mechanics) and civilian personnel in the service of the EdA.

In relation to armament, each of the types of weapons with which aircraft are equipped (bombs, missiles, torpedoes,cannons, and machine guns) are briefly described. The weapons for the defense of air bases are also described.

An extensive reference to the Spanish aeronautical industry is also included. A section describes the international missions that the EdA has carried out in the past and present.

Finally, the book describes the means that the EdA employs to support aircraft and personnel stationed at air bases. Ejército del Aire y del Espacio summarizes the history of the EdA from its creation in 1939 at the end of the Spanish Civil War, to the present day. It is divided into five periods: 1939–1952; 1953–1969; 1970–1999; 2000–2020; and the future from 2021.

About The Author

Journalist and writer specialising in military subjects, especially aviation, he has collaborated in numerous technical and informative magazines. He created and edited the legendary Spanish aviation magazine "Air Sonic". In recent years, he has authored and edited the following books (written in Spanish) "Operación Icaro", "El Ejército de Tierra en Misiones de Paz", "El Mar y la Paz", "La Guardia Civil en Misiones de Paz", "Una Historia de las FAMET", "Servicio Marítimo de la Guardia Civil", "Sicut in Coelo et in Terra", and "Brigada Logística, Orgullo de Servir". He has a large archive and library, as well as an extensive photographic collection, which he uses in his work.

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