From Julietts to Yasens

Development and Operational History of Soviet Nuclear-powered Cruise-Missile Submarines, 1960-1994

Alejandro A. Vilches Alarcón

For first time a comprehensive and exhaustive history about the design, construction and operation of soviet nuclear submarines and her cruise missiles. The research in the accidents suffered by the submarines is one of the most complete until today.
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September 2022
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Helion and Company
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781915070685
Pages : 70
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A comprehensive history of the design, building and service of the various Soviet classes of nuclear-powered and cruise-missile armed submarines (SSGNs). First entering service in the 1960s, this new combination of weapon systems posed a serious threat to US shores and to the US Navy’s powerful aircraft carrier battle groups.

This comprehensive history shows the incredible resources poured into this project by the Soviets, the new technologies developed, the resulting nuclear accidents, lives lost and the extreme sacrifices of the crews.

Nuclear-powered submarines primarily armed with large, heavy cruise missiles remain a uniquely Soviet, and now Russian, style of vessel without a similar counterpart in Western navies. The infamous submarine Kursk, once pride of the Russian Navy, was one such SSGN, but was not the only vessel of this type lost at sea.

From Juliett to Yasen
details the submarines, their weapons, the Soviet and Russian design philosophies that lie behind them and the strategy of their employment.

About The Author

Alejandro A. Vilches Alarcón (Seville, 1980) Mr. Vilches have a Naval Engineering degree by the University of Cadiz, in Propulsion systems. During the last twenty years had worked in Spanish, French and UK shipyards, both in civilian and military projects. At the same time he had published articles in specialized magazines in Spanish, French, UK and US markets. Is also author of four books in Spanish language about Naval History, focused in Soviet Submarines and Second World War naval operations. Actually he works in Gibraltar shipyards.

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