The Black Devils' March - A Doomed Odyssey

The 1st Polish Armoured Division 1939-1945

Evan McGilvray

Date Published :
May 2005
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
4 pages colour AFV profiles, 94 photos, 9 maps
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781906033538
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 11 X 8 inches
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The Black Devils March is an account of how the 1st (and only) Polish Armoured Division in the West under the leadership of General Stanislaw Maczek, arose out of the ashes of defeat and while attempting to avoid the internal politics of the Polish Government in Exile, was able to return to Europe in August 1944 on the side of the Western Allies. In Europe the Division achieved glory, honor and victory but was unable to liberate Poland owing to the politics of the post-war settlement in Europe.

The account of the formation and combat service of the Division is fully researched from Polish, English and German sources, and includes training in Scotland, the unit's sharp introduction to warfare in the Normandy bocage, the Falaise Gap and Hill 262, the advance into Belgium and Holland, and final victory on German soil. The text is supported by nearly 100 photographs (many previously unpublished), maps, and detailed appendices, including a list of the Division's medal recipients. In addition, there are four pages of outstanding color profiles showing the camouflage and markings of the unit's tanks and other vehicles.

The politics of the Polish Army are examined as well as the historical legacy of the Polish soldier in exile.

Much of the book was researched from hard-to-find Polish sources. The text is supported by 4 pages of color AFV profiles, nearly 100 photographs (many previously unpublished), maps and appendices.

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