The British Army in Egypt 1801

An Underrated Army Comes of Age

Carole Divall

An analysis and evaluation of the British army sent to Egypt in 1801 to eject the French Army of the Orient.
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January 2019
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Helion and Company
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From Reason To Revolution
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38 color ills, 13 b/w ills, 7 b/w maps
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Pages : 142
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When the French declared war on Great Britain in 1793, they undermined the chosen policy of William Pitt, which had been to avoid conflict in order to repair the nation’s finances. The result of this policy was an understrength and inadequately resourced army. Whether campaigning on the continent in coalition with other European powers or picking up the colonial possessions of France and her allies, this army did little to add to its reputation.

Yet, despite appearances, as the decade progressed there could be no doubt that improvements were taking place. When it was decided in 1800 that the French Army of the Orient, abandoned by Bonaparte, could be ejected from Egypt, the troops sent to achieve this objective were of a very different quality from those that had been dispatched to Flanders in 1793. This study analyses that force and its commanders, examines the preparations that contributed so notably to its success, and evaluates why it was able to take the fight to a battle-hardened Revolutionary force and defeat it.

About The Author

Carole Divall specializes in military history, focusing in particular on the British army during the Napoleonic Wars. She has published articles on regimental history, the workings of the army of Wellington’s time and aspects of the key campaigns. Her publications include Redcoats Against Napoleon and Inside the Regiment, two studies of the officers and men of the 30th Regiment during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, Napoleonic Lives and Wellington’s Worst Scrape: The Burgos Campaign 1812.

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