9Th Air Force

American Tactical Aviation in the ETO, 1943-45

Grégory Pons

Date Published :
March 2009
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782352500773
Pages : 196
Dimensions : 12.5 X 9.25 inches
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During the preparation of the Normandy Invasion, the American high command realized soon enough that the 8th Air Force, which was wholly committed to strategic bombing, could not undertake the close support of ground units in this major offensive. The keystone of operation “Overlord” would indeed be mastery of the skies: tactical aviation had to be able to intervene quickly and precisely, and to operate from bases on the Continent.

The heavy bombers, as they were dependent on large and permanent airfields, could not be called upon for such tasks. The concept of on-call tactical air support was therefore paramount in the Overlord plans and the 9th Air Force was transferred to England for this purpose. The hundreds of hitherto unpublished photos copied out from the pilots and crews’ albums, and the full-color reconstruction of their flying gear are a unique testimony to the day to day life of 9th Air Force personnel and the missions of combat crews. Let us look at these men’s faces, they belong to the Past but we owe them our Freedom.

This book is dedicated to the memory of the airmen and soldiers of the Ninth Air Force who gave their all for the Liberation of Europe.


“…this isn’t your typical reference book. Besides the great photos there are real people dressed in period garb…200 high quality pages filled with lots of photos, both color and black and white, nice drawings, and figure references, along with personal accounts, I can’t think of much more to add…This is an excellent reference book for both the modeler and historian.


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