Sherman in the Pacific


Raymond Giuliani

Date Published :
May 2015
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
Illustration :
350 photos
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782352502838
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 12 X 9 inches
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This book tells the extraordinary story of the M4 Sherman tank in the Pacific theater of operations during World War 2. Through carefully selected and unpublished photographs, you will discover the extraordinary metamorphosis of the famous American tank, its first disastrous engagement on "Bloody Atoll” Tarawa, in the island of Okinawa, the last bastion of the Rising Sun. The terrible experience of fire against an enemy, as brave as fanatical, required Americans to adapt and transform the Sherman to resist and win the war. Nearly 350 photos, thirty specific profiles paired with contemporary photographs and maps of each of the battles, this richly illustrated book is of high visual value for all lovers of the Sherman tank.


extremely impressed with the quality of this publication.  The linear organization of the book that Raymond Giuliani provides, along with the superb, large photos, makes this a ‘must-have' for any WWII or AFV fan

- IPMS, July 2015

Any fan of the Sherman tank will want to get this one onto their bookshelf I have no doubt, and historians of the Pacific War will find plenty of detail to interest them, and see how successful the Sherman proved to be in a theater of war where many thought conditions to be unsuitable for their operation. This books is ample evidence of how wrong that was. For the modelers, the sheer number of excellent clear pictures, coupled with the color profiles, will find this a first class reference for so many little details, mostly added in the field rather than in the factory.

- Military Modeling , July 2015

This is a very interesting book, focusing as it does on a very specific topic ( the Sherman tank ) in a very specific place and time ( the Pacific, 1943-45 ). That focus makes this book invaluable to fans of the Sherman tank in general, and also to students of the Pacific War of WWII. The photographs are fascinating, and the accompanying text is informative. Some of those photos will bear repeated examination, as the details shown are so interesting and varied. Detailed views of the tanks and equipment, as well as great diorama ideas are on every single page. The chronological manner in which the book is laid out is very well done, as it allows the reader to see the evolution of the Sherman itself, the tactics employed, and indeed the reader gets a good look at how the war in the Pacific was won through the eyes of Sherman crews. The physical layout of the each island's title page with the very informative maps and "big-picture" view of the specific island campaign provides the reader with terrific background information...

- Armor Modeling and Preservation Society, Inc, September 2015

richly illustrated book is of high visual value for all lovers of the Sherman tank. The photos are of high quality and would be a boon to modelers trying to re-create the variations and battlefield adaptations that occurred due to the diverse environmental conditions and enemy tactics encountered.

- Toy Soldier and Model Figure Magazine , December 2015

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