Soldiers in Normandy

The British

Alexandre Thers

Date Published :
June 2005
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Histoire and Collections
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full color throughout
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782915239447
Pages : 32
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Each mini-guide allows the reader to get to know more about a region's history, linking historical events with places of interest and sites of note, as well as providing an unprecedented visual feast of contemporary photographs, uniforms, badges and equipment - all in full color. Practical information is included in each mini-guide and itineraries are suggested for those wishing to visit battlefields, monuments, memorials and museums.

Traditionally a maritime power, Great Britain had not given equal priority to the development of its land forces. The concentration on increasing air power added to this disparity in capabilities between the services. Manpower shortages in the infantry forced the high command to commit units in a rather measured fashion.

On the ground, this resulted in a lack of subtlety and initiative. Those divisions which did have previous combat experience, mostly in the Mediterranean sector were somewhat confounded by the very different terrain they encountered in Normandy. What’s more, somewhat worn down by earlier campaigns in North Africa and Italy, they appeared overly cautious.

The remaining divisions, despite many years of preparation, were not as well trained and prepared as their American counterparts. Only the Commandos and the Airborne forces were truly well prepared for what awaited them in France. Armored formations were regularly fielded without
the advantage of suitable infantry support and their AFVs were often outclassed by those of the enemy. They therefore suffered extremely high casualties. But the artillery was first class and powerful and played a large
part in paralyzing the movements of the enemy.

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