The Story of ESCI


JC Carbonel

Date Published :
April 2014
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
Series :
Models and Figures
Illustration :
300 photos
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782352503101
Pages : 84
Dimensions : 9.5 X 8 inches
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This famous Italian brand will continue to be known for having introduced many innovations in the world of modeling, starting with the wide dissemination of newly available decals, the first large-scale military motorcycles and the first European armored models in 1/72. ESCI was also a pioneer in offering multiple variations of the same model allowing one to visualize the markings or parts unique to the model, in addition to the first (and sometimes first-ever) kits for large cockpit combat aircraft.

The creation of the ESCI firm predates World War II and is known for its models appearing for the first time in the early seventies.


"Buckle-up for a nostalgic ride. Contents course from a surprising early Spanish connection, through initial decal releases and troubled corporate collaborations to kit production – planes, tanks, cars, figures, motorcycles, scale cockpits and more. Coverage boldly names names – and even explains ESCI's penguin mascot!...So strap into Histoire & Collections' little Wayback Machine. And enjoy the trip!"

- Cybermodeler

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