Un Français sous l’Occupation

Chronique illustrée

Raoul Gogly

A very original insight on the day to day life of a Frenchman living in a Paris suburb under the German rule. Every scene that he described in his diary has been authentically reconstructed in colour photographs
Date Published :
July 2018
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
Illustration :
200 full color reconstruction photos
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782352504740
Pages : 100
Dimensions : 10 X 8.27 inches
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Text is in French

Drawing upon the thick diaries kept by a Parisian between 1940 and 1944, this book tells the story of the French capital’s population under the German yoke. Every information tid bit, paper cutting and rumour about restrictions, rationing, the Black market and the terrifying German imposition, is commented upon by the narrator in typically caustic style, and illustrated by painstakingly directed reconstructions in full colour.
This new approach to modern history endeavours to represent daily life through the medium of reenactment, thanks to enthusiasts who preserve period clothing and the few symbols of the French ‘art de vivre’ which managed to survive despite the occupation.

About The Author

Collector, artist and craftsman, Raoul Gogly has been for more than twenty years the director of a drama company specializing in historical reenactment, mostly about the life of the Paris populace from the 18th Century to WW2. He writes songs and novels, performs in Forties revival shows and often participates in historical events by recreating the day to day life of the French during the German occupation.

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