AMX-30 Family

M.P. Robinson

Date Published :
February 2015
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263 photos, 14 painting schemes
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788364596247
Pages : 96
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The AMX-30 was used as the basis for a range of armored vehicles that have seen extensive service in the French army and elsewhere. In this Photosniper, which completes the study of the AMX-30 series by M.P. Robinson, the stories of France’s specialized artillery and engineer variants are explained. The AMX-30D recovery vehicle, the GCT and Au-F1 series of self-propelled guns, the AMX-30R Roland and AMX-30SA Shahine antiaircraft missile launchers, the AMX-30 Bitube DCA antiaircraft tank, the AMX-30H Bridgelayer and the EBG armored engineers vehicle are all covered in text and photographs. France’s comprehensive rebuilding programs that resulted in the development of the Au-F1TA, of the improved EBG versions and of sophisticated mine clearing versions of the AMX-30B2 in the decades since the end of the Cold War are also described. This work is an excellent reference for the modeler with over 180 photos; these include examples chosen from GIAT’s archives, photos of vehicles in everyday service, vehicles seen on the parade ground and in the desert wastes of Iraq.


"Another excellent reference on the AMX-30 series of vehicles from the author which are all in the Kagero series... especially handy for anyone looking for more detail if they are building the Meng kit of the SP version, the Au F1 TA. Lots of photos throughout, and all well captioned in addition to the main text of the book."

- Military Modelling

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