Chance Vought F4u Corsair

Volume 2

Andre Zbigniewski

Date Published :
January 2010
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89 b/w Photos, 14 profiles, 30 sheets
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The second part of a monograph on F4U Corsair covers changes made in their late variants from F4U-1D to F4U-7 and their camouflage and markings. Each variant is specified and described. The book discusses the combat use of F4Us in FAA units, late U.S. Navy campaigns in the PTO during WW2 and the battles against Soviet MiG-15s during the Korean War.

The subsequent chapters are devoted to French use of Corsairs in Indochina and F4U’s service in the Honduran and Salvadoran air forces during the Soccer War in 1969. The book includes technical data, lists of F4U squadrons as of September 1945, USMC & USN Corsair aces and many more.

Free 1:48 and 1:72 decals for 7 schemes:
F4U-1D, flown by 2/Lt. Marvin S. Bristow of VMF-224, Okinawa, May 1945.
F4U-4 (BuNo 80715) of VF-82, USS Randolph (CV-15), 1946.
F4U-5N (BuNo 124715), flown by Cpt. Fernando Soto Henriquez of the FAH, Honduras, Summer 1969.
F4U-7 (BuNo 133657) of Flotille 14F Aeronavale, Cuers, France, October 1963.
FG-1D (BuNo 88242), flown by Lt. Joseph P. Lynch of VMF-224, Okinawa, July 1945.
Corsair Mk.II, flown by Lt. Cole of No. 1830 Sqn FAA, HMS Illustrious, April 1945.
Corsair Mk.IV (KD748) of No. 1853 Sqn FAA, HMS Venerable, 1945.

About the Series
Monographs focuses on an individual type of aircraft. Each monograph contains descriptions of the aircraft’s origin, its variants and combat history. Each volume includes several hundred archive photographs, technical scale drawings and color profile artwork. Each book also has free extras for modelers, with decals and masking foil.


“A useful reference for modellers and the simple fact that this is number 53 in this series gives a good indication that they are popular.”

- Military Model Scene

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