Panavia Tornado

Krzysztof Barcz

Date Published :
January 2010
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118 color photos
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• Includes free decals and masking foil
• Packed with color photos and including three color profiles

The Panavia Tornado is a family of twin-engine combat aircraft, which was jointly developed by the United Kingdom, West Germany and Italy. There are three primary versions of the Tornado; the Tornado IDS (Interdictor/Strike) fighter-bomber, the suppression of enemy air defenses Tornado ECR (Electronic Combat/ Reconnaissance) and the Tornado ADV (Air Defence Variant) interceptor.

Developed and built by Panavia, the Tornado first flew on 14 August, 1974, and saw action with the RAF, AMI (Italian Air Force) and Royal Saudi Air Force in the Gulf War. International cooperation continued after its entry into service within the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment, a tri-nation training and evaluation unit operating from RAF Cottesmore, England. Including all variants, 992 aircraft were built for the three partner nations and Saudi Arabia.

This Monograph on this European fighter bomber contains 118 color photos, with English/Polish photo captions, featuring external and internal views, and 3 color profiles. Also included is a free decal sheet and high quality masking foil.

About the Series
This is a classic series of highly illustrated books on the best machines of war, with several hundred photographs of each aircraft or vehicle. With close-up views of the key features of each machine, including its variations, markings and modifications, customizing and creating a model has never been easier. Includes extra features such as decals and masking foil.

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