Sturmgeschütz IV

Łukasz Gładysiak, Tomasz Idzikowski, Marek Jaszczolt

Date Published :
November 2014
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Illustration :
archive photos, color profiles
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788364596209
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 11 X 8 inches
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The main objective of the publication is to present the history of Sturmgeschutz IV , its characteristics and rules of combat use in combat, taking into account the specific applications in linear units. The whole adds an extensive collection of photographs of the vehicle preserved in the Museum of Armoured Weapons in Poznan, Wielkopolska excavated from the river Rgilewka. Photos allow not only closer look at the machine, but also to trace the process of restoring it to working condition. In addition, in the book you can find three-dimensional visualization of the described acts assault and reconstructed on the basis of archival materials schemes liveries.


" plenty of ideas for modellers wanting to get the paint job right to go with all the detail you might have added having seen the book.  Another very good addition to the Photosniper series by Kagero."

- Military Modeling, December 2014

"This excellent publication is the 'one-stop shop' for those requiring information on the StuG IV. ... The bulk of the book then consists of large format color images of the museum exhibit, ideal for the enthusiast and model-maker alike.”

- Scale Military Modeler International, January 2015

"I had not considered these Polish publications prior to these landing on the mat from Casemate, and boy are these a surprise! A history of the development of the Stug IV, a morph between the Stug III and Panzer IV hulls, is followed by technical information. Plenty of wartime as well as modern photos fill the book, including some interesting shots of the crane being used to remove the roof and main armament. The second half of the book covers the recovery and restoration of the surviving examples, now displayed in Poland. Whilst most of the book is of large format color photos of the museum exhibit, ideal for the enthusiast and model-maker alike, the tail end the last few pages include a photo of a Stug crewman's uniform, and color profiles of the various camouflage schemes."

- Tankette - 50/2 (Paul Middleton), May 2015

"The colour images of the restoration of the Stug recovered from the Polish river gives a good indication of the size of the task involved in a restoration project such as one of these metal monsters.”

- Classic Military Vehicles

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