The Battleship Richelieu

Andrzej Sobucki

Date Published :
February 2013
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Super Drawings in 3D
Illustration :
Fully illustrated throughout
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788362878420
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 11.5 X 8.25 inches
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The Richelieu was a French battleship, and the lead ship of her class. She was the first French 35,000-ton battleship, designed to counter the Italian Littorio class battleships, the first modern battleships built since the 1922 Treaty of Washington. Ordered in 1935, she was a scaled-up version of the Dunkerque class battleships, featuring a main armament of eight 380 mm guns in two quadruple turrets in forward super firing positions. Her armor and underwater protection were equal to her contemporaries, except the Japanese Yamato class battleships. Her speed was surpassed only by the fastest U.S. Navy battleships.

About the Series This brand-new series focuses on the construction of famous ships – battleships, carriers, cruisers, and submarines. With groundbreaking 3D imagery, each corner, angle, and dimension of the ship is viewable. With various close-up views, and each 3D image based on actual technical scale drawings and photographs, this is an exceptional reference tool. Information on the design, development and combat history of each vessel is also included, as well as numerous photographs and 1/350th scale drawings.


KAGERO kick-starts coverage with notes on Richelieu's historical background, design and construction. Text next turns to a technical summary and operational history – including major modernization and subsequent combat. And the overview ends with a one-source "bibliography" with single "endnote".At least 140 highly informative 3-D drawings follow. With occasional addenda on Richelieu's original configuration, most detail the warship's 1943 US refit. A separate sheet of 1:400-scale "1943-1945" Richelieu plans – perfect for HELLER's classic kit – complete contents. Tackling TRUMPETER's model? Make this superb handbook your detail reference

- Cybermodeler

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