B-25 Mitchell

Tom Cleaver

This fully illustrated book explores the legendary B-25 Mitchell light bomber, which also excelled in various other roles. It offers period photos with informative captions and detailed text to tell the Mitchell story.
Date Published :
November 2022
Publisher :
Key Publishing
Series :
Historic Military Aircraft Series
Illustration :
Over 115
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781802823172
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 9.57 X 6.69 inches
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If the North American Aviation B-25 Mitchell had only participated in the Doolittle Raid, it would have cemented its place in history – but it did so much more. Whether flying dangerous low-level strafing missions across the south Pacific from New Guinea to the shores of the Japanese Home Islands or battling nature and deadly German flak over the Brenner Pass in northern Italy, the Mitchell established a reputation for being the best medium bomber used by the Allies in the war. The Mitchell was easy to fly for an inexperienced wartime-trained pilot, and a well-trained pilot could get it off a carrier deck, fully loaded. The aircraft was resilient and could suffer damage from enemy fire, be it from Zeros over Rabaul or 88mm flak sited in the mountains along the Brenner Pass, and bring the crews home – even in bombers so badly damaged that they never flew again. With over 115 images, this book tells the story of the creation of an aviation classic, and the brave crews who made its reputation. This is a new edition of the much-loved Combat Machines No 2 B-25 Mitchell.

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