Special Mission Aircraft

This 116-page special covers the aviation departments of some of the world's most famous parapublic organizations.
Date Published :
November 2022
Publisher :
Key Publishing
Editor :
Mark Ayton
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781802820102
Pages : 116
Dimensions : 11.7 X 8.3 inches
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There are many iconic families of aircraft in service with parapublic organizations around the world covering many roles - air ambulance, police air support, aerial firefighting, border protection, customs, maritime surveillance, search and rescue, the list goes on. Operators are even more diverse - charity-funded air ambulances in the UK, national police forces, private companies operating airtankers, and federal customs agencies such as those in Italy and the United States.

In this 116-page special, we cover the aviation departments of some of the world’s most famous police forces, the US Customs and Border Protection agency - the largest such organization in the world - the UK’s helicopter air ambulance fleet, the UK’s National Police Air Service, and contractor-operated helicopters serving the UK Maritime and Coast Guard Agency.

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