Warpaint. Volume 3

Colours and Markings of British Army Vehicles 1903-2003

Richard Taylor

Date Published :
September 2011
Publisher :
Series :
Green Series
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This book, volume three in a series of four, describes and illustrates post WW2 camouflage and markings as follows:

Chapter 1: Paint and Camouflage post WW2
Chapter 2: Arm of Service Markings
Chapter 3: Formation Signs

The book is profusely illustrated with photos, color profiles, and detail drawings. It describes in detail the official paint schemes, the variations often seen in practice, and the individual and unit markings applied to tanks, armored cars, trucks and smaller vehicles, and towed guns. The series will prove invaluable for military enthusiasts and modelers, as it makes sense of a very confusing topic!

About The Author

Colonel Richard Taylor was an original member of the first modern ranger battalion. He also commanded an infantry training battalion, served with the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, directed an academic department at the Army's Staff College, provided military advice to NATO's arms control negotiations during the break up of the Warsaw pact, and was the Chief of Military Assistance in the Philippines during the closing of bases there. Taylor earned two Masters degrees from Boston University. He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife Sandy.

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