Panzer IV on the Battlefield

Volume 1

Craig Ellis

Date Published :
October 2015
Publisher :
PeKo Publishing
Series :
World War Two Photobook Series
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9786158007214
Pages : 112
Dimensions : 12 X 8.5 inches
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Often referred to as a workhorse the PzKpfw IV is certainly not a glamorous beast but from North Africa to the Eastern front it was a ubiquitous fixture on the various battlefields of WWII.

Using archive and original photographs to lay down a visual time line for this Panzer's development, the book takes a historical overview of this strategically important tank. Description and definition of all the different Ausfs are included both within the introduction and captions. It applies recent findings to the analysis and commentary of the photographs. These include the authors own research into unit specific stowage and factory production differences, which feature for the first time within the context of a monograph looking at the vehicles overall evolution. Information that should be invaluable to both historians and modelers.


"Peko Publishing have added yet another top shelf selection of reference material for modelers and armor enthusiasts alike.  The quality and assortment of photographs used in this volume is only second to the informative captions accompanying each selection.  This book is a great reference for modelers looking to accurize their next Panzer IV build while getting ideas for that next diorama.  This volume will certainly not disappoint and is a 'must have' in any armor enthusiasts' reference library. "

- Boresight

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