SU-76 on the Battlefield

Neil Stokes

Date Published :
February 2017
Publisher :
PeKo Publishing
Series :
World War Two Photobook Series
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9786155583001
Pages : 112
Dimensions : 12 X 8.5 inches
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The SU-76 and SU-76M were the most widely produced Soviet self-propelled artillery pieces of the Second World War, second only to the T-34 tank in terms of production numbers. The SU-76M saw action in all campaigns in the latter years of the war and continued to serve with the Soviet Army and other states long after the war. This book provides a concise yet comprehensive description of the development, production and service of this important series, followed by extensive photographic coverage of the SU-76 and SU-76M in service.


"This is a great book for modelers. The introduction provides a thorough background on the design, development and employment of the SU-76/SU-76M. The selection of pictures provides views of the US-76/US-76M in use in various combat settings. It should provide the modeler with a lot of good ideas on building an US-76/SU-76M."


“This is the 12th volume of a series called 'photobook' by Peko. As is proper for what is basically a photo book, it is in landscape format. This allows for some very large photographs, something that both enthusiasts and modelers will appreciate… In all, a very worthwhile volume on this important, but little known Soviet AFV. Highly recommended.”

- Modeling Madness

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