Night Duel Over Germany

Bomber Command's Battle Over the Reich During WWII

Peter Jacobs

* The night war over Germany was fought with equal ferocity on both sides, and was one of the toughest campaigns of the Second World War.

* This new publication seeks to provide a balanced account of the proceedings, including testimonies from pilots caught up on either side of the conflict.

* Notable operations include; Bomber Command's Thousa
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April 2017
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Pen and Sword
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60 black and white images in plates
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781783463374
Pages : 224
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Bomber Command’s night offensive against Nazi Germany, which lasted for nearly six years, was one of Britain’s major contributions to the Allied effort during the Second World War. But the decision to conduct its main operations at night only came about following heavy losses by day, when its prewar medium bombers had been found lacking in modern air warfare. The Luftwaffe, too, had its early problems. Initially without a dedicated night fighter, it was ill-equipped to defend the Reich, and so the stage was set for what would become one of the most critical strategic encounters of the war.

Things had to change on both sides. Soon there came new and more capable aircraft, in ever-increasing numbers, coupled with new tactics and technology, as each side strove to gain the upper hand. It became a fascinating encounter between the crews of Bomber Command and the Luftwaffe’s night fighter force, the Nachtjagd, with no shortage of courage and heavy losses on both sides. Amongst the epic encounters were Bomber Command’s Thousand Bomber raids, the attack on the German V-weapons research establishment at Peenemünde, the campaigns against the industrial Ruhr, Hamburg and Berlin, and the disastrous raid on Nuremberg.

This new publication consolidates accounts from both sides and from all ranks of service in an effort to provide a comprehensive account of some of the most ferocious nocturnal engagements of the Second World War.

About The Author

Peter Jacobs served nearly 37 years in the RAF (1977-2013) as an air defence navigator, initially on the F4 Phantom and later on the Tornado F3\. He has written twenty books including Daring Raids of World War Two: Heroic Land, Sea and Air Attacks (2015); Bomber Command: Airfields of Lincolnshire (2016) and The RAF in 100 Objects (2017).


"...a well-researched book that captures the enormous bravery of RAF aircrew and the bitter battle fought nightly over Germany between bombers and night fighters. Most Highly Recommended."

- FIRE Reviews

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