Prisoners and Escape

Esther Bilton, Rachel Bilton

Date Published :
April 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Series :
Those Who Were There
Illustration :
16 illustrations - 8 pages of plates
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781473867093
Pages : 176
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.5 inches
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A wide range of personal experiences are covered in the eleven chapters of this book. Nearly all the stories are written by the participants who describe exactly what happened to them during the war. What makes them special is that they were written while the images were fresh in their minds. The experiences recorded are those of civilians and soldiers. Where possible information about these men has been provided to explain their life before and after the war. Also included are rarely seen images that augment the text.

The writers tell true stories of spying, escape from certain death, escape from captivity and working for the Germans to help the Allied war effort. Edwin Woodhall describes his work in counterintelligence, spies, counterspies and disguises, in the early days of the war. Harold Beaumont tells the dramatic story of his escape through Belgium where he was helped by Nurse Cavell. The hardships and difficulties an escaper faced are detailed by Walter Ellison, who failed to get away, while a successful escape is told by Duncan Grinnell-Milne who returned to flying over the Western Front and quickly found himself in no man’s land when his plane crashed. Captain Evans was eventually a successful escaper as was H.G. Durnford who managed to escape the first time. Marthe McKenna, one of the most famous spies in the war, tells of the time she was ordered to investigate and assist in a plot to assassinate the Kaiser. Esmee Sartorius tells of her escape to Holland at the start of the war, and the breathtaking thrills of two men disguised as German officers is told by Lieutenant Marchal. The final story describes how Trooper Potts escaped certain death while rescuing his friend on Burnt Hill in Gallipoli.

About The Author

Rachel Bilton is currently studying in France and intends to pursue a career in journalism and/or publishing when she graduates. This is her second book and it is part of a trilogy; she has also edited the third part. Rachel has always been interested in history, particularly the more deadly aspects. She is trying to find the answer to why so many men wanted to kill complete strangers for a period of four years.

Rachel Bilton recently graduated from University College London in French and is now working in editorial and marketing in London. She has always been interested in history, particularly the more deadly parts, and is trying to find the answer to why so many men wanted to kill complete strangers for four years.


"An amazing collection of personal stories and reminiscences by people who were actually imprisoned during the Great War..."

- Books Monthly

“Each chapter contains one gripping tale and is recounted in the subject's own words. Some of the tales do not have happy endings, though. The book includes photos and background information on each subject and also tells what happened to them afterward.”

- Military Heritage, January 2018

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