The Last Will and Testament of Alexander the Great

The Truth Behind the Death that Changed the Graeco-Persian World Forever

David Grant

Date Published :
September 2021
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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6 black and white illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781526771261
Pages : 368
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6 inches
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A re-assessment of Alexander the Great's death, exposing a conspiracy by Alexander's generals after his death to undermine his empire.

Alexander the Great conquered the largest empire the world had ever seen while still in his twenties but fell fatally ill in Babylon before reaching 33 years old. His wife Roxanne was still pregnant with what would be his only legitimate son, so there was no clear-cut heir. The surviving accounts of his dying days differ on crucial detail, with the most popular version claiming Alexander uttered ‘to the strongest’ when asked to nominate a successor on his deathbed. Decades of ‘civil war’ ensued as Alexander’s hard-won empire was torn asunder by generals in the bloody ‘funeral games’ his alleged final words heralded in. The fighting for supremacy inevitably led to the extermination of his bloodline.

But was Alexander really so short-sighted and irresponsible?

Finally, after 2,340 years, the mystery is unravelled. In a forensic first, David Grant presents a compelling case for what he terms the ‘greatest succession cover up of all time’. Alexander’s lost Last Will and Testament is given new credibility and Grant deciphers events that led to its erasure from history by the generals who wanted to carve up the empire for themselves.

About The Author

David Grant has a masters degree in ancient history. He is responsible for a number of international patents stemming from ideas that set out to challenge the status quo in one way or another, life experience which gave him his academic tenets: always challenge accepted norms, the past is never dead, and believe what you read at your peril. Unsurprisingly, his first 917-page on Alexander the Great book set out to question and contest the 'standard model' of the Macedonian king. His controversial questioning and reconstruction of ancient events extends into this new book on the mysteries of the royal Macedonian tombs.


"This is a vitally useful piece of work: the first treatment to elicit any clear analysis of the alleged final documents from the last days of Alexander's reign. Grant has thrown light on some desperately difficult source material and the title should now be part of any library on Alexander."

- Pat Wheatley, Associate Professor of Ancient History, University of Otago

"A compelling argument. No one has ever approached this ancient conundrum with the foresight Grant brings to the mystery of Alexander's death. He uses the same depth of research and insights which made his previous book on the tombs of Alexander's family so captivating."

- Laura Wynn-Antikas, anthropologist at the Vergina Tombs excavations

"David Grant's book is a noteworthy re-evaluation of older scholarly theories about Alexander the Great's will and testament. It highlights how historical inquiry is a continuous process that engages and re-examines existing sources. An excellent read for students and general audiences interested in the life of Alexander the Great."

- Dr. Katerine Lagos, Professor of History and Director of the Hellenic Studies Program at California State University

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