The Mighty Eighth at War

USAAF 8th Air Force Bombers Versus the Luftwaffe 1943-1945

Martin W Bowman

Date Published :
November 2014
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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32pp B&W Photos
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781473822771
Pages : 288
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From the beginning of World War Two the RAF’s Bomber Command had been the only means of striking Hitler’s Reich and its war machine. The entry into the war of the United States and the subsequent arrival in the UK of the Eighth Air Force was to more than double the Allied capability. The Flying Fortress and Liberator heavy bombers were mostly flown across the Atlantic by their young unblooded aircrew and many succumbed en route and never arrived. Flying in north Europe was a different ball game from American skies and it took a considerable time before the crews familiarized themselves with the vagaries of fog, low cloud, rain and snow. The American bombers bristled with defensive armament and elected to fly in close defensive formation during the day leaving the RAF to carry out nighttime raids. With the arrival of long-range protective escort fighters the task became a little easier.

This book explains, including many firsthand accounts, how the American bomber force helped fight to eventual victory by decimating German industry, transport systems and breaking the Nazi war spirit.

About The Author

Martin Bowman is one of Britain's leading aviation authors and has written a great deal of books focussing on aspects of Second World War aviation history. He lives in Norwich in Norfolk. He is the author of many Pen and Sword Aviation titles, including all releases in the exhaustive Air War D-Day and Air War Market Garden series.


"Bowman, a World War II aviation historian and author, relates how the American Eighth Air Force bombers helped Britain's Royal Air Force in fighting Germany during World War II by bombing German industry and transport systems, including the US Army Air Force's (USAAF) Mission 115 and its bombing of oil supplies."

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