The Military Life and Times of General Sir Miles Dempsey

Monty's Army Commander

Peter Rostron

Date Published :
September 2021
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
16 pages b/w plates
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781399014489
Pages : 224
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Miles Dempsey, Commander of the British Second Army in the invasion of Europe 1944-45, is almost unknown to the general public. Yet his part in Britain’s contribution to that campaign was second only to Montgomery’s in importance. Dempsey survived two and a half years of bitter fighting as an infantry officer on the Western Front before accompanying his beloved Royal Berkshire Regiment in the little-known North West Persia campaign of 1920-21. In six years he rose from Major to command over half a million men in the largest combined operation in history, and led them to victory a year later.

Based on sources which include some of Dempsey’s previously unpublished work and the views of those who knew him, the book traces his career as a soldier of rare distinction, a talented sportsman and a man of huge charm and shrewd intellect, dedicated to his beloved regiment and ever mindful of the lives of his soldiers.

Peter Rostron examines his methods of command and his relationships with Montgomery, his Corps commanders, the Americans and the RAF. It highlights his crucial role in the Dunkirk evacuation, the training of the Canadian Army, and the invasion of Sicily, Italy, and North West Europe, and analyses why his army performed so brilliantly on D Day. Lasly, Rostron examines his contribution to the campaign in Europe, focussing on the controversial operations of EPSOM, GOODWOOD, Arnhem and the Rhine Crossing.

About The Author

Peter Rostron Was Educated At Clifton And London University, Where He Read Arabic. He Joined The Gloucestershire Regiment In 1964, And Served Worldwide Including Many Tours In Northern Ireland Before Commanding The First Battalion. He Was A Defence Attache In South America And An Instructor At The Army Staff College. He Is An International Fellow Of The United States Army War College.

Since Leaving The Army, He Has Combined Security Work In The Balkans, Middle East And South America, Election Monitoring From Armenia To Zambia And Management Consultancy In South Africa, With Running A Vineyard In The West Country. His Biography Of General Sir Miles Dempsey, Monty’s Army Commander, Is In Print With Pen And Sword Military. He Is Married, With A Son Serving In The British Army And A Daughter Who Is A Nurse.


“…a useful biography of an important figure, and one that Dempsey would probably have approved of.”

- History of War

"The biography is profound, and, from page one to the book’s last, vividly presented as all solid, honest, intelligent reportage should be."


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