Dear Old Blighty

Britain's First World War Home Front

Mike Brown

An in-depth look at the experience of the civilian life of Britain throughout the four momentous years of World War 1
Date Published :
May 2018
Publisher :
Sabrestorm Publishing
Illustration :
color and b/w photos throughout
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781781220108
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 9.6 X 6.8 inches
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In the summer of 1914, Britain felt secure that the old order was firmly in place. Britain, through its navy, ruled the waves, and a fair part of the world through its Empire. Yet this security was an illusion, a war of unimaginable scale was just days away. The war would affect every level of British society, first through the urgent need for a massive expansion of the armed forces, drawing in ever-more men from civilian life. This in turn denuded the factories, shops and farms of labor at a time when industry needed to expand to clothe and supply the armed services, and agriculture needed to fill the shortages of food created by the U-boat assault on our merchant fleet. The armed forces had first call on men, food, and material so shortages hit the civilian population hardest; replacement labor was found in women, who began to take on work previously the reserve of men, in the factories, transport, commerce, and agriculture. Food remained a problem, shortages led to food queues, leading to increasing Government control and eventually rationing. Civilians were also hit by shortages of petrol and clothing, leading to petrol rationing, gas-cars, and `standard' cloth. There were also more immediate dangers, raids by German ships on coastal towns and air raids throughout the country by Zeppelins, and later, aeroplanes. In Dear Old Blighty, Mike Brown looks in depth at the experience of the civilians, men, women and children, of Britain throughout those four momentous years.

About The Author

Mike Brown was Head of History in a London School and is an author, broadcaster and authority on 20th century fashions.. He is the author of ‘CC41 Utility Clothing’, 'The 1940s Look', 'The 1950s Look' and has to date written many books on wartime Britain. Mike lives in South London and having retired from teaching now works full-time writing, giving talks and doing research.



Chapter 1 The Outbreak of War
Chapter 2 Recruitment
Chapter 3 Enemy Attacks
Chapter 4 War Work
Chapter 5 Food
Chapter 6 Home
Chapter 7 Clothing
Chapter 8 Doing Your Bit
Chapter 9 Out and About
Chapter 10 Peace



“Overall its a feel-good book despite the fact that its based on World War One. Dear Old Blighty as we nostalgically want to remember it. Worth buying to give to an old uncle for a birthday gift or as i mentioned before for anyone taking their GCSE's.”

- Army Rumour Service

“This terrific book tells the story of the Home Front during the years of the First World War - beautiful photographs and illustrations make this a must-read for anyone interested in the social history aspect of the conflict.”

- Books Monthly

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