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Scarab Miniatures was initially set up in 2008 to produce wargames miniatures for World War One and Two by Rob Broom. Having been made redundant from Games Workshop - where he had been Warhammer Historical Manager producing a series of supplements for the popular Warhammer Ancient Battles ruleset and some new products - Rob set about writing War & Conquest.

Using his experience and knowledge from many years of wargaming and running the Warhammer Historical business, Rob created a set of Ancient and Medieval wargames rules that bring new and innovative ideas to traditional game play.

War & Conquest is an exciting and dynamic full color publication, with a modern and contemporary look. It is fully illustrated throughout with inspiring photographs and detailed captions. The book has been getting fantastic reviews for its quality, high production values and ease of gameplay.

The tremendous design and layout of War & Conquest was by Pete Borlace. Pete had worked with Rob at Games Workshop and joint projects included Warhammer Ancient Battles and the successful 'Legends' series. Pete had also worked on the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle games products and has his own design business.

Scarab Miniatures currently have in production the first of a series of supplements and expansions for War & Conquest. Also in the pipeline is a World War One miniatures game and 'Projekt X' - a World War Two based skirmish miniatures game and sourcebook delving into the murky world of espionage and secret sciences based on a mix of fact and plausible fiction.

War & Conquest- Epic Battles in the Ancient and Medieval World

Become a great commander from history and shape destiny!

Taking an army of models soldiers, you can recreate a famous battle, or simply enjoy a relaxing game with friends across the tabletop.

Comments about War & Conquest in the press and online

'It's brilliant - buy it!'

'Splendidly laid out and well written'

'Not a clone, an evolution'

'Re-kindled the fun in wargames'

'Thinking out of the box'

'Darn fine rulebook, worth every penny'

Players are discovering War & Conquest offers a new set of exciting challenges for ancient and medieval wargaming. With over 400 variations for setting up for battle, each game is different.

Find out more about the game online and download 500 free army lists, design notes and battle reports from the Scarab Miniatures website.

Player and Community Support

500 Free army lists online via the Scarab Miniatures forum covering much of ancient and medieval history. There are also community generated army lists for the Renaissance, Seven Years War, Napoleonic and American Civil War periods.

The next set of variants include War & Sorcery - an opportunity to use the Gods and fantasy armies in your games!

Supporting gaming articles and reviews published in Wargames Illustrated, Wargames Soldiers and Strategy, Battlegames, Miniature Wargames and Vae Victis

Worldwide, members of the community organize gaming days and supporting in store activities. Scarab Miniatures sponsors these activities and where practical will work with partners and store owners to deliver exciting gaming and business opportunities.

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