Doctor's War

Introduction by Pete McCarthy, author of McCarthy's Bar

Aidan MacCarthy

Date Published :
May 2006
Publisher :
Grub Street Publishing
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781904943402
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.25 inches
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A jaw–dropping account of life as an RAF doctor during the Second World War.

As an RAF medical officer, Aidan McCarthy served in France, survived Dunkirk, and was plunged into adventures in the Japanese-American arena comparable with those of famous war heroes.

Interned by the Japanese in Java, he helped his fellow prisoners with amazing ingenuity in awful conditions. En–route back to Japan in 1944, his ship was torpedoed but he was rescued by a whaling boat and re–interned in Japan. His life was literally saved by the dropping of the Nagasaki atom bomb. He was then eyewitness to the horror and devastation it caused.

“This is an almost incredible account written with humour and dignity.” – Pete McCarthy

“This book is an epic.” – Sir Dennis Spotswood, Marshal of the RAF

“His description is terrifying but fascinating.” – Air Marshal Sir William Coles

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