Eagles over Husky

The Allied Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign, 14 May to 17 August 1943

Alexander Fitzgerald-Black

Eagles over Husky is an account of the Allied air forces' crucial role the Battle of Sicily, an important step to victory in the Second World War.
Date Published :
April 2018
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Wolverhampton Military Studies
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32 b/w images, 4 b/w maps, 10 tables
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ISBN : 9781912174942
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches


In the summer of 1943, the United Nations began Operation HUSKY, the invasion of Sicily. The Eagles over HUSKY – the airmen of the Allied air forces – played a crucial role in the assault. The Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica provided a significant part of the Axis force meant to defend the island and throw the Allies back into the sea. The Allied air forces foiled this effort and inflicted losses on a German Air Force badly needed on other fronts. Raids on mainland Italian railway transport crippled Axis resupply efforts. The same strikes brought pressure on the Italian state to denounce Fascism and join the Allied side. Army commanders relied heavily on tactical air power to destroy Axis forces in Sicily. The result was a strategic victory which forced Nazi Germany to stand alone in defense of southern Europe.

Most histories of the campaign focus on the escape of German forces across the Strait of Messina. Eagles over Husky challenges the notion that the Allied militaries bungled total victory in Sicily. It assesses one of the greatest air battles of the Second World War. This is a topic that has been relatively unexamined by historians of the campaign, who tend to focus on army matters. Eagles over Husky tells the integrated story of the air war waged during the Battle of Sicily. The author draws upon experiences, perspectives, and sources from both Allied and Axis camps to inform the analysis and enhance the narrative.

About The Author

Eagles over Husky is Alexander Fitzgerald-Black’s first book. He has a Master of Arts in Military History from the University of New Brunswick and is a Master of Arts in Public History candidate at the University of Western Ontario. His research interests include air power in the Second World War, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean, and Canadian military history. Alex lives in Canada with his beautiful wife, Lindsay, and their adorable mini-poodle, Chase.


“…provides a detailed look at the planning and the execution of the Sicilian campaign, with the author having had the benefit of both Allied and Axis documentation.”

- Aeroplane Magazine

“For anyone doing an in-depth study of air operations over Sicily or with an intertest in air warfare this is a must have book, laid out in a format that is easy to read and understand. A great read with lots of credits from Alexanders research work.”

- Military Model Scene

“It's an excellent book covering a critical period in the Allied campaign in the Mediterranean theatre and it's strategic aims and direction. 5 stars.”

- Army Rumour Service

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