Eastern Front in World War II

Hitler's Russian War in Photographs

Will Fowler

Date Published :
August 2017
Publisher :
Amber Books
Illustration :
500 black-and-white photos
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With 30 million soldiers and civilians killed, the Eastern Front proved to be World War II’s bloodiest conflict. Drawing on rare photographs from the Ukrainian State Archive, Eastern Front in World War II: Hitler’s Russian War in Photographs presents a unique and visually outstanding account of one of history’s most ferocious campaigns, telling the story from the perspective of ordinary men and women, both military and civilian, who took part in the struggle.

Although major battles such as Stalingrad and Kursk are covered in some depth, the book focuses on individual soldiers’ points of view, with attention paid to irregular forces such as partisans and Cossacks. Each chapter charts the progress of the war on land, air, and sea, and each photograph is put in context with detailed captions.

Expertly written and featuring more than 450 rarely seen photographs, this is an outstanding visual history that will appeal to anyone interested in 20th century military history.