From the Spitfire Cockpit to the Cabinet Office

The Memoirs of Air Commodore J F ‘Johnny’ Langer CBE AFC DL

J F Langer

* An insightful, entertaining and multifaceted autobiography.

* Encompasses an interesting career trajectory, illustrating how practical knowledge acquired in the cockpit can be taken forwards and used in the preparation of government policy.

* Covers an illustrious career flying Spitfires with the RAF during the Malayan and Singapore Emergencie
Date Published :
June 2022
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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100 illustrations
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781399074889
Pages : 296
Dimensions : 9.1 X 6.1 inches
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Air Commodore John Langer's career has been eventful to say the least. During the Second World War he flew gliders in India in preparation for airborne assaults in Burma, one of the most perilous landscapes to pass across during this time. Post-war, he served on a fighter squadron in Germany and in Malaya, where he was recommended for an AFC. Later on, he commanded No 43 (F) Squadron, the famous 'Fighting Cocks', and was awarded the AFC. As a Group Captain, he commanded RAF Valley and was awarded the CBE. He ended his RAF career as director of Flying Training where he set up the first team of the Red Arrows. By career’s end, he had flown fifty-six different types of aircraft.

On leaving the RAF, he became the Civil Aviation Security Adviser to the UK Government, serving for eight years as a Crown Servant and a further seven years as a consultant. He was a frequent advisor to the Cabinet Office Briefing Room 'A' (Cobra), consulting with members of the cabinet on national and international aviation matters in the wake of a series of security and terrorist emergencies. In 1993 he was appointed Duty Lieutenant for Greater London, with responsibilities for the borough of Hillingdon, location of both Heathrow and Northolt airport. He looked after members of the Royal Family in their departures from these airports and became a good friend of Princess Diana, chaperoning her on a number of solo outings. Interesting details relating to some of their exchanges are included here.

This is a unique autobiography, taking in a vast spectrum of events and experiences. It is also an important record of political, aviation and social history and should appeal to enthusiasts of all these areas of interest.

About The Author

Jonny Langer served in the RAF for thirty-seven years and his love of flying is obvious from his writings. After the RAF, he became an Aviation Security Adviser who helped to develop the security measures for both airlines and airports which are still in use today. His legacy is that civil flying is safer today than it was when hijacks and other attacks were almost everyday occurrences. He has retired to the country where he enjoys, not the peace of the countryside, but the noise of the aircraft operating from nearby RAF Brize Norton.

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