Air Marshal Sir Keith Park

Victor of the Battle of Britain, Defender of Malta

Murray Rowlands

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December 2022
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Pen and Sword
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16 black and white illustrations
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The Battle of Britain from July to September 1940 is one of the finest moments in Britain’s history. While credit rightly goes to ‘The Few,’ victory could never have happened without the inspirational command and leadership of New Zealander Keith Park.

He and Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding ensured that Fighter Command was prepared for the Nazi onslaught. Promoted to Air Vice Marshal, Park took over No 11 Group, responsible for the defense of London and South East England in April 1940. A shrewd tactician and hands-on commander, Park carefully husbanded his limited resources and famously wore down Goering’s Luftwaffe, thus forcing Hitler to abandon his invasion plans.

Shamefully, Dowding and Park were dismissed from their commands in the aftermath of victory due to internal RAF politics. Fortunately, Park’s career was far from over and his management of the defense of Malta made significant contribution to victory in the Mediterranean.

This balanced and well overdue account hopefully ensures that Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park receives the credit for victory that he so richly deserves.

About The Author

In the last five years Murray Rowlands has turned his strong interest in military history into three books. As a New Zealander he turned the experience of his two great uncles serving with the New Zealand Army in WWI into his novel, _Innocents into War_. Last year he completed the first book on Aldershot in WWI and has now followed this with his history of Hampshire in WWII. As well as this, he has written, lectured and spoken to local history associations and study groups on topics related to his military history such as Earl Haig and the surgeon Sir Harold Gillies.


"Rowlands highlights some of the major engagements while emphasizing the logistical and leadership challenges Park confronted."

- Air Power History

"... a slim biography that includes an account of the bitter controversies over tactics during the Battle of Britain that led to Park’s temporary banishment in 1941-42."

- A Blog on Winston Churchill

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