Captured Behind Japanese Lines

With Wingate's Chindits – Burma 1942–1945

Daniel Berke

Superbly researched, this inspiring book vividly describes the Chindits' first operation and the hardship suffered by, and heroism of, Frank Berkovitch and his comrades, many who never returned.
Date Published :
September 2021
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Contributor(s) :
Col Richard Kemp CBE
Illustration :
32 black and white illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781399016889
Pages : 184
Dimensions : 9.2 X 6.1 inches
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"Never have I had greater respect for soldiers than those of the 14th Army who served under Bill Slim, and in particular those guys who were in the Chindit columns. They suffered hugely as they got inside enemy territory in the Burmese Jungle and as they fought against all odds; some surviving, some being captured and many dying. This book exemplifies the courage of the men who faced this ordeal." - The Rt. Hon. Colonel Bob Stewart DSO MP

No-one meeting Frank Berkovitch, a quiet, reserved tailor, could have guessed that he had served with the Chindits in Burma and suffered prolonged Japanese captivity. Yet not only had he fought as a Bren-gunner on Operation LONGCLOTH, their first deep penetration mission, but he was the legendary General Orde Wingate’s batman.

The Chindits were Wingate’s inspired idea and, while suffering heavy losses from enemy action and deprivation, they dispelled the myth that the Imperial Japanese Army was invincible. Outnumbered, outgunned, carrying 70lb packs and reliant on RAF air drops for supplies, the 3,000 men of the Chindit columns overcame harsh jungle terrain and climatic conditions to take the fight to the enemy behind their own lines.

They wreaked havoc with enemy communications and caused heavy enemy casualties while gathering vital intelligence. After months of malnutrition and disease and hunted by the vengeful Japanese, the survivors faced a desperate race to escape from Burma. Captured crossing the Irrawaddy river, Frank endured two years imprisonment at the hands of notoriously cruel captors.

Superbly researched, this inspiring book vividly describes the Chindits’ first operation and the hardship suffered by, and heroism of, Frank and his comrades, many who never returned.

About The Author

Daniel Berke is a solicitor specializing in criminal and regulatory law. He read Law with Politics and has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He has acted in numerous high-profile and complex legal matters throughout the Jurisdiction and has been interviewed in major news and current affairs broadcasts about his work and cases. He holds a board position in a not for profit legal organization, and is a member of the Jewish Diplomatic Corps of the World Jewish Congress. Daniel is also a trustee of an amateur boxing club and is a keen boxer (although his fighting days are behind him). Married with two children he is a passionate traveler, hiker, and photographer and is happiest in wild places. Captured Behind Japanese Lines is his first book, which he describes as a story which he felt compelled to tell.

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