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The Hunter in Fighter Reconnaissance

Group Captain Nigel Walpole OBE, BA, RAF (Ret’d)

Date Published :
November 2020
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Series :
Pen and Sword Large Format Aviation Books
Illustration :
500 b/w and color illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781844154128
Pages : 320
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.25 inches
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781526784322
Pages : 240
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6 inches
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This book is about the tactical reconnaissance mark of the Hunter FR10 and its front line operation between 1961-70. With the Hunter already well proven in ground attack role, this variant was an ideal platform for the excellent Vinten F95 strip aperture cameras. The heavy armament of four 30-mm Aden cannon was retained for use in defense suppression and target marking, unilateral action against high value targets (assigned or opportunity) and if necessary in self-defense.

It follows that the pilots selected for this demanding operating regime had to show an ability to operate alone over long distances using basic pilot navigation techniques only at high speeds and ultra low levels; in the main, therefore, they were second or third tour fast jet pilots.

About The Author

Group Captain Nigel Walpole is a former aviator and author.


“…an excellent history of the Hawker Hunter FR10 and its RAF service… does an exceptional job relating the various aspects of training an FR10 Pilot went through…Historians of aviations would be remiss not to have this volume on their shelves.”

- Air Power History

"As a memoir, it provides a feel for the period."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"...a great book on the subject..."

- ModelingMadness.Com

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