Special Reconnaissance and Advanced Small Unit Patrolling

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Special Operations Forces

Edward Wolcoff

Date Published :
September 2021
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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100 color & black and white illustrations & diagrams
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781526779090
Pages : 400
Dimensions : 9.5 X 9.6 inches
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Comprehensive guide on Special Forces Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures written by a special operations combat veteran.

This book will serve as a tactical “bible” tailored to the military Special Operations, intelligence and paramilitary/law-enforcement communities and other interested parties – with the intention of breaking the invent-and-forget/reinventing-the-wheel cycle with an aim to (1) increase the effectiveness and lethality of SpecOps personnel and units, while (2) saving the lives of SpecOps personnel engaged in high-risk operations.

Wolcoff describes numerous historical examples of special reconnaissance (SR) operations, with some emphasis on lessons-learned/Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures gained from the legendary Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) SR operations conducted during the Vietnam-era, including operational accounts and analyses of specific missions. Few of these TTPs and lessons-learned have been archived or collated into a usable form for SpecOps personnel or units; this book is intended to preserve and embed this valuable and volatile compilation of tradecraft, that has been obtained at such cost in lives. Wolcoff covers the gamut of specialized SR topics ranging from operational planning and preparation, through execution, logistics and command and control – all in substantial trade-craft detail.


"The Special Operations Community is fortunate that LTC (Ret.) Ed Wolcoff has taken the time to capture for posterity and planning for future operations the incredibly detailed and painstaking planning considerations taken into account by small unit leaders in MACVSOG’s ground reconnaissance forces."

- Lieutenant General William P. Tangney, U.S. Army (Ret)

"The book can be used as a reference book, even a tutorial, for SpecOps personnel. Therefore, it is generally written in a terse/blunt military writing style resembling what one might find in a Field Manual. For the convenience/and familiarity of the Field Soldier, it is generally structured like an Operational Plan (OPLAN).  In summary, this book is a valuable addition to our Special Forces teams and personnel and I highly recommend it not only to them, but to all military personnel and historians, alike."

- Major General (Ret.) Kenneth R. Bowra, U. S. Army Special Forces

"Combining his vast combat experience with detailed, original research, Lt. Col. Wolcoff has written the most advanced book ever published on small unit and special operations intelligence gathering. This book cites numerous real-world engagements, analyzes them, and systematically presents conclusions in a useful, instructional format. Having served multiple tours as a MACV-SOG reconnaissance team leader – running reconnaissance and direct action missions deep behind enemy lines in Laos and Cambodia -- he knows mightily of what he writes. I personally served alongside then-Staff Sergeant Wolcoff in SOG, and highly recommend his excellent book."

- John L. Plaster, Major (Ret), U.S. Army Special Forces

"A decorated veteran with years of experience as a team leader in aggressive, cross-border operations, Wolcoff is uniquely qualified to present this invaluable document for Special Operations personnel. His use of primary and contemporary sources is well-footnoted for further reference, and his list of reconnaissance topics is exhaustive. Beyond explaining basic terminology and tactics, Wolcoff delves into the finest of detail, from terrain and wildlife indicators to the numerous psychological requirements needed to be an effective team leader (i.e., be decisive, but leave your ego behind). Wolcoff’s book, by his account, serves to save lives of SF personnel and enhance the prospects of Special Ops mission success. Any author researching a future Special Forces manuscript in the future would be remiss to not source this crucial book for operational tactics knowledge."

- Stephen L. Moore, author of ‘Uncommon Valor: The Recon Company That Earned Five Medals of Honor and Included America's Most Decorated Green Beret’

"This book is required reading for leaders of Special Operations units, from the command and decision-making level through the small unit leader. The understanding and application of the tactics, techniques and procedures revealed by Mr. Wolcoff will contribute to mission success and to bringing the team home."

- Major John E. Padgett, US Special Forces (Ret)

“This book is meant to be nothing less than THE go-to reference for actual special operators in the military, intelligence and paramilitary/law-enforcement communities - dramatically increasing the efficacy and survivability of SpecOps personnel in combat.”

- Globe at War

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