Women at War in the Classical World

Paul Chrystal

Date Published :
June 2020
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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20 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781473856608
Pages : 256
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ISBN : 9781526781468
Pages : 272
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This is the first full treatment of women and warfare in Classical Greece and Rome, not only looking at the mythical women and goddesses but also very real female gladiators.

Paul Chrystal has written the first full length study of women and warfare in the Graeco Roman world. Although the conduct of war was generally monopolized by men, there were plenty of exceptions with women directly involved in its direction and even as combatants, Artemisia, Olympias, Cleopatra and Agrippina the Elder being famous examples. And both Greeks and Romans encountered women among their barbarian enemies, such as Tomyris, Boudicca and Zenobia.

More commonly, of course, women were directly affected by war as noncombatant victims of rape and enslavement as spoils of war and this makes up an important strand of the authors discussion. The portrayal of female warriors and goddesses in classical mythology and literature, and the use of war to justify gender roles and hierarchies, are also considered. Overall it is a landmark survey of how war in the Classical world affected and was affected by women.

About The Author

Paul Chrystal is the author of some seventy books published over the last decade, including recent publications such as Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic, Roman Military Disasters and Women and War in Ancient Greece and Rome. He is a regular contributor to history magazines, local and national newspapers and has appeared on BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and on BBC local radio throughout Yorkshire and in Teesside and Manchester. He writes extensively for several Pen & Sword military history series including ‘Cold War 1945–1991’, ‘A History of Terror’ and ‘Military Legacy’ (of British cities).


"Chrystal's work has given us a study remarkable for its detail and the breadth of its scope, an analysis backed up with ample referencing... A work of considerable scholarship and insight, one that anyone with an interest in ancient warfare will not be able to ignore."

- Dr Stanley, Classics & Ancient History, University of Warwick

"Women at War in the Classical World is good read not only for students of Classical military history, but also for those interested in women and warfare, and for anyone seeking to understand the intersection of myth, legend, and history."

- The NYMAS Review

"...an excellent introduction into the topic of women and their intersection with warfare in the ancient world. His extensive use of primary sources only adds to its value to the student. It could easily be integrated into a survey of either Greek or Roman history, offering a different perspective on the era."

- United Nations of Roma Victrix (UNRV)

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