El Alamein

François de Lannoy

Date Published :
March 2007
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b/w and color photos
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The history of the Second World War is punctuated with great land, air or sea battles, which are reverently preserved in our collective memory. Their names are usually associated with one or several prominent figures, generals or marshals. Amongst these battles, El Alamein features highly. Forever linked to the names of two great leaders, Rommel and Montgomery, who will be found later in Europe, the battle represents the outcome of a campaign that had started in Egypt and Libya in September 1940.

The book traces the sequence of events over the two main phases of the battle: Rommel's defeat in front of the El Alamein line (1st July- 2nd September 1942), Montgomery's successful counter-offensive (23rd October - 4th November 1942), followed by the reconquest up to the Tunisian border (5th November - 26th January 1943). The book contains more than 300 photos, many of which have never been previously published, maps and plans.

François de Lannoy, Ph.D, is a renowned historian, who has written over thirty books.

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